Notice of Privacy

Operadora Deportiva Mexicana, located at Camelinas 154, Jurica, is responsible for collecting personal information, the use of that data and its protection.

Your personal information will be used to provide services and products that were requested, to inform about changes and for the evaluation of the quality of the service provided. For this reason we require the collection of the following information: Name, Last name, Email, considered important acording the Federal Act Protection and the Personal Data Held by Private Parties, name and e-mail.

You have the right to access, rectify and delete your personal data. Oppose and revoke the consent that you have given to us about your personal data, you can do this by the procedures that we have. In order to know more about these procedures you can contact us at our address: Camelinas 154, Jurica, Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, phone number: (442) 218 90 84, or by visiting our website

We also inform that your personal data may be transferred and used outside or inside the country, by diferent people from the company. This means that, your information could be shared with clients, partners and associate business for purposes of contact, future deals and evaluation activities.

If you do not state your objection to your personal data being transferred you will be deemed to have consented to it. If you do not consent to this we cordially ask you that write us an e-mail to

I do not consent to my personal being shared or download under this privacy notice. If you wish to stop receiving promotional messages from us you can apply by phone and email. Any changes to this Privacy Notice may consult in

If you don’t want to receive anymore promotional messages from us, you can notify us through the pone or e-mail. We reserve the right to update our privacy notice at any time. You can consult any changes by accesing